23 May, 2018

Sculpture Exhibition in VR

How Modern Art and Technologies Came Together

Yaroslav Kaplan
From May 11-18 2018, at the Mytets Art Gallery in Kyiv, for the first ever in Ukraine, a virtual reality sculpture exhibition took place, under the title Conditional Method. Eight modern sculptors took part in in the exhibition, under the guidance of the famous art curator Kateryna Ray.

Indium Lab Studio took upon itself all of the development and Lenovo Ukraine provided all of the necessary equipment – VR Explorer helmets and powerful gaming computers.

In this article, we will talk about how we realized this project.


The work of the sculptor Alice Zaboy "Eve" in VR.
Modern sculpture does yet not have a mass audience in Ukraine. There are several reasons for this: under financing, lack of critical art institutions and, in general, a population with a low culture level.
In January 2018, we first met with Curator Kateryna Ray and a group of talented Ukrainian sculptors. At this meeting, we decided to create a project of an ideal exposition, even a virtual one at first. The biggest advantage of the technology is that there are no boundaries — pure space for art. This is how the project Conditional Method was born.


The work of sculptor Ivan Pidgainyi "Wave" in VR.
Eight famous sculptors agreed to participate in the project and present one of their works. They are: Ivan Pidgaynyy, Kateryna Buchatskaya, Nazar Bilyk, Olexiy Zolotoriov, Alisa Zaboy, Olexandr Dyachenko, Peter Gronskiy and Daniil Shumikhin.

Some of the sculptures already existed in the physical world, so we needed to scan them in 3D, process them and insert them into the virtual realm. Other works were either sketches or could not be scanned due to size limitations and they needed to be redrawn from scratch specifically for VR under the watchful eye of the author, so that the form, texture and light completely corresponded with the artistic concept of the creator.

One of the sculptures — Essential Companion by Kateryna Buchatskaya — should always be displayed with its back to viewer, which is almost impossible in real life. However, in VR, we happily accommodated the request of the sculptor.


More than 200 people attended the opening of the exhibition. Among them were sculptors, artists, art critics, journalists and regular viewers. More than 1,500 people attended the exhibition over the course of its duration.

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